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MCM2016 new glasses series of rebellious spirit

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
MCM( 现代创作μ? nchen) The classic luxury image of implement brand mix classical elements with modern design aesthetic, bring brand-new glasses series. Using excel the excellent technology and advanced technology, to produce excellent quality fashion glasses, this series is more with unique innovative design and unexpected style reveals the unique brand of rebellious spirit, at the same time explained the brand new concept of fashion and technology in the world. MCM102S inspired by MCM classic leather series, its tailor-made high quality plate mirror legs with famous brand Visetos prints, unique fashion. Extra large rectangular frame collocation its leg near the golden brass nameplate, with the nameplate on the MCM bag just. Series with a dumb face black with brown, bright rose gold with brown and dumb face golden brown. MCM103S lightsome and translucent color and implement brand fashion concept and design aesthetics, the avant-garde frame shape with smooth lines and metal rivets highlight industrial design elements, fun. Series with a gold satin with gray and satin with golden light golden. MCM602SA series with elegant diamond shape design blueprint, the unique triangular design clear cleanly ornament Yu Zhongliang mirror legs and with metal logo. Picture frame in front of half a diamond-shaped metal rivets for large coarse frame create unique fashion designs. Series with black, tortoiseshell, wine red, light brown and green. MCM604S bold avant-courier and classic capabilities and eyebrow with round mirror, restoring ancient ways with stylish metal edging, front frame compose with two and a half diamond rivet, with MCM metal nameplate on the legs of mirror reflect each other. Series with light gold with black, bright golden matchs with the aureate with horn brown tortoise shell color, bright blue and bright gold, bright golden ox horn ash with horn khaki. MCM605SA can remove the geometry of the metal edge lenses create original but do not lose fashionable avant-courier of picture frame. MCM brand logo and natural color contrast, will be more abundant elements into fashion design. Series with black with bright gold, tortoise shell color matchs with the aureate and bright blue with bright light golden. MCM606SA classic picture frame design, combined with lens geometry rivet on the leg and the tiny metal diamond ornament, make the brand famous masterpiece. Inspired by MCM iconic bag series, brand logo on its leg of the avant-garde design. Series with black, tortoiseshell bare, wine red, blue and pink.
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