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Members of A combination of Pink sunglasses big PK

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Korean wave has been the prevailing in China, especially clothing collocation and popular item. South Korean women's combination is good looks in A Pink combination, the modelling of them in the street as stage spotlight bright eye? Seems to Korean naked makeup, sunglasses, dye hair became a standard, so youth beautiful beautiful women, who do you love more? A Pink Pink combination members: A combination of fresh beautiful A Pink members A Pink A pair of oversized sunglasses, A black suspenders, into the style of pure and fresh and beautiful, appear sweet and charming. A pink are sometimes very simple at the time of the street, it's just that the pair of large frame sunglasses seems to be not willing to pick. Gray v-neck shirt and white pants too ground? Spread a head of long hair cover your half face with a big sunglasses, it saves thrush eye makeup time, as long as the bottom makeup reputation, with a gorgeous rose lip is spirit! A Pink combination member Kim nanjoo: individuality A Pink combination member Kim nanjoo show color of orange color hair color is very white! But this hairstyle the repaired, no type maomao, this spread on both shoulders is quite hot. Blue mirror surface sunglasses and big red lip foil skin is white tender, if you can stand chest would be more star rocks to walk? Members of A Pink combination PiaoChu: fairy lively youth members of A Pink combination PiaoChu which straight hair is straight, white shirt and jean shorts, lively youth, like the campus beautiful girl, wearing A pair of tortoiseshell fashion sunglasses, sunny personality up immediately! A Pink members of Mr Rong: leisure fashion A Pink members of Mr Rong hair match round sunglasses QQ dalai, the warm brown hair and A bright orange lipstick is too perfect! Appear skin white inside deeply red, firming smooth, if the hair is better able to bear or endure look more again. Members of A Pink combination Yin Pu is beautiful: the nature with A Pink combination member sex Yin Pu tied up the shallow blonde beauty, also with the expression of A tongue shall so sprout? Casual wear is the youth, half frame sunglasses chao fan, floating hair natural and along with the gender. Members of A Pink combination Zheng En ground: elegant literary Zheng En A suit black, A Pink combination members grim-faced, wearing A pair of round glasses, add some artistic breath, long hair makes her look light make-up and slightly gaunt.
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