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Men's fashion eight parts

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Go out with 2019 fashionable eight parts. Accessories for the simplest clothes the perfect way to add a little color and personality. Recommended reading: teach you become fashionistas! Business office man about how to choose glasses? 1. Colourful socks if you are in a strictly professional wardrobe office work, fancy and colorful socks are a good way to signal your personality, and won't caused uproar in the coffee machine. 2. Fabric band and mixed bracelet it mixed with the fabric strap and several threaded bracelet, builds a risk of nautical look. Bracelet may seem to be very feminine, but in the rugged color distortion of style, it has no 'female', only the lure of the secular travel. 3. Elegant SLIM TIE wear SLIM TIE, pull your suit together, so you can show elegant side. If you feel more attractive, you can try to irregular fabrics, such as wool or tweed. 4. Vintage hat with retro nod to the past, the real statement. Even if your other clothes is very simple, such as white shirt and dark jeans, retro hats can really increase additional promotion of personality. 5. VINTAGE LEATHER KICKS in the shoes of style restoring ancient ways. If you feel bolder, tonal choose colour profusion, real appearance add color for you, leave a lasting impression. 6. The PATTERN POCKET SQUARE stand out from other suit, with a fashionable POCKET SQUARE, bring some quiet style. This kind of appearance even applies to daily style on the edge of the leisure suit jacket. 7. Unique, simple belt use unique and simple belt for basic style adds. Warm leather color is simple way to add some low-key color. 8. Sunglasses to the last and most important - — Fashion sunglasses. As Spring is coming, you need a pair of unique sunglasses style restoring ancient ways, in order to avoid the bright sunlight, even can keep cool in the hot weather. According to your face, with the top bar of the pilot is a trend in this season.
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