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Mengjie jiang show of fashion glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Mengjie jiang was born in anhui wuhu, is a new actress in mainland China. In 2010 for his role in the new was focused on in the corner of Lin daiyu in the dream of red mansions, and national opera festival and anhui TV new artist. Has also starred in 'abandoned secret', one hundred 'love letter' and other well-known films. She is not only acting new actress, is also the new favorite of fashionable bound. She seems to love sunglasses, street snap, airports always love a pair of fashionable sunglasses covered surface, and can always give a person a different aesthetic feeling! A white shirt with stripes of nine minutes of pants and exit, pure and sexy. Long black tie hang in the chest, the perfect present a set of contracted street snap, a pair of transparent lens sunglasses covered surface, and deduces the modern urban style of natural and unrestrained. Mengjie jiang had to tencent open trip to Paris fashion week fashion. Airport look big walk neuter cool wind, a sea soul wind blue striped shirt and tight black leather pants and black wide-brim hats, stamped on the leopard splicing tassel Cushing shoes. Sexy leather pants and leopard grain and the agile neutral elements, a pair of round frame sunglasses more add a few minutes the tastes of young woman, walk very attractive oh at the airport. Mengjie jiang theme photo, another group of her sunglasses to interpret different modelling style, ever-changing queens!
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