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Methods of color blindness inspection_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-11
Color blindness has become one of the most common human diseases, it is a hereditary eye disease. According to the severity of the disease, it can be divided into full color blindness and partial color blindness; according to the type of color blindness, it can be divided into congenital color blindness and acquired color blindness. Whether it is full colorblindness, partial colorblindness, congenital colorblindness or acquired colorblindness, it is caused by the dysfunction of the cone cells of the retina. Then how do you know that you are color blind? What are the methods for color blindness? Let's take a look at it together. Symptoms of color blindness <1>. Total color blindness: Total color blindness is the opposite of night blindness. It is caused by complete retinal cone dysfunction. Therefore, patients often turn into a love of darkness and fear of light. Full color blindness has only the distinction of light and darkness, not the distinction of color. In addition, total achromatopsia will also have symptoms such as poor vision, amblyopia, and central dark spots. <2> Partial color blindness: It is much better than full color blindness. This type of patient will only have no ability to distinguish between red and green light. Of course, there will be symptoms such as poor vision. <3>. Congenital color blindness: This is a kind of color blindness caused by genetic factors, which is a kind of sex-linked inheritance. Symptoms such as more males and fewer females are often manifested. <4> Acquired color blindness: This kind of color blindness is generally caused by some fundus diseases. If there is no proper treatment, it may cause a variety of eye diseases, and sometimes even blindness. Method 1 of color blindness check. False color map: also called color blind book, it uses the same shade of shade but different colors to form numbers or graphics. People with color vision impairment have difficulty in recognizing, wrong or unable to read. You can confirm which color vision abnormality belongs to according to the color blindness table. 2. Color harness test: This method is to mix yarn bundles of different colors and different shades together, so that the examinee picks out the harness of the same color as the standard harness. This method is time-consuming, and can only be qualitative but not quantitative, and is not suitable for large-area screening inspections. 3. Color mixing tester: It can quantitatively record the amount of red and green light matching to determine abnormal red and green perception. This method can be both qualitative and quantitative, and it is also the most frequently used method. With the increasing incidence of color blindness, color blindness checks have become commonplace. Regardless of whether there is color blindness or not, it is good to know about color blindness check, which can prevent color blindness in real life and prevent the deterioration of color blindness.
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