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Methods to treat myopia in children_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-03
Among people suffering from myopia, myopia in children has become a major health problem of family, society, and the country, and it is the first risk factor that endangers the healthy growth of children. Therefore, the treatment of myopia in children is also a major issue that is currently the most concerned in the country. What are the methods to treat myopia in children? Let's take a look at it together. The main treatment of myopia in children is to prevent the existence of pseudomyopia, because children have the highest rate of pseudomyopia in the myopia population, so generally during treatment, the existence of pseudomyopia will be controlled or prevented first, so as not to affect the actual treatment Effect. However, for the treatment of myopia in children, many of them are treated symptomatically based on its etiology. Let's take a look at it together. With glasses for myopia: This method can not cure myopia, but only plays a role in inhibiting the decline of vision. Generally, if people with myopia do not wear glasses, their vision will gradually decline over time. Eventually it will lead to high myopia, some people will also have strabismus, amblyopia and so on. Therefore, correcting vision with glasses has become the most effective treatment for children with myopia. Laser instrument treatment: This method is to use excimer laser surgery to perform laser treatment on the patient's eyes, and the effect is very good. But for young people, this kind of surgery will be very harmful to the eyes in the future, so it is better to wear certain myopia glasses to correct vision. There is also a need to eat more calcium-containing foods after laser surgery, which can assist the treatment. Especially teenagers should drink more milk, beans, animal bones and other foods when they eat daily to supplement their calcium needs at any time. Natural restoration method: This method mainly requires children to change their living habits and achieve the purpose of natural restoration of vision by strengthening daily protection. However, this method is effective for early myopia patients, and it is not effective for patients with a degree of more than 100 degrees. As the incidence of myopia in children is getting higher and higher, the treatment of myopia in children has also become the most important health problem. Among the above several treatment methods, matching myopia glasses is one of the treatment methods for correcting children's myopia, and it is also the best treatment measure. Especially for those with moderate to high myopia. Only good vision correction can not affect life, and children with astigmatism, if they do not have glasses, it will affect their eyesight getting weaker and weaker. Therefore, optometry glasses are very useful when necessary.
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