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Mikey dunhuang photo sunglasses show fashion beauty

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Mention mikey, he successfully played a corner 'GongSuo bead sign' in May, he get rid of the singer, personnel image, behind the scenes for the fans to hand in a copy of a satisfactory answer. Ten years in the entertainment circle, no matter how he experienced ups and downs, has always maintained a simple color, as he recently dunhuang desert in the desert left words 'as long as you have the feeling, I have sincerely', mickey he always do the things you want to do, be the person he wants to be. Mickey he was about to shoot dunhuang is a set of environmental protection as the theme of fashion, in the photo mikey with the collocation of two kinds of different style of of primitive simplicity of dunhuang and fashion show incisively and vividly. Ancient buildings before highlight the black and white color of simple but elegant dress up elegant and intellectual charm. Then change the color of red and blue stitching blouse, immediately show kinetic side, in the desolate desert and taken particularly eye-catching.
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