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Military polarized sunglasses, what are the characteristics?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Military polarized sunglasses on the design of sunglasses, material choice and function of the lens will be relatively professional chief, there are some difference between and ordinary sunglasses, let's take a look at what military polarized sunglasses features: 1, arm straight and curved arm: refers to the shape of the mirror legs, straight arm leg posterior lens without bending, all of the classic RANDOLPH are equipped with straight arm mirror legs, so pilots wear a helmet when convenient to wear; Mirror at the back of the legs slightly bent down, bent arm all RANDOLPH ray-ban style with its leg bent arm, wearing more comfortable and stable, but some inconvenient pilot wearing helmets, mirror legs bent arm is suitable for wear under operational state, in general the military version of the straight arm. Song joong ki aviator sunglasses with 2, AGX lens: military polarized sunglasses are generally USES the AGX lens, is in the process of lens manufacturing joined the silver halide elements, the characteristics of the elements is when the sun AGX decomposition to produce silver lenses darker, enter indoor decomposition product synthesis of AGX again, make the lens becomes shallow. 3, coated lenses: military polarizer can better film layer on the plating. Lenses coating can increase the light transmittance of the lens and the definition, principle is based on the principle of the volatility and interference of light, make the mirror reflected light and coating of the reflected light to dry involved with each other and eliminate, shading image is more clear, reduce visual fatigue; Coating can also make it easier for the lens cleaning and maintenance, can increase the hardness of the lens to make the service life of the lens is longer; At the same time also can thoroughly to ultraviolet light reflection and absorption, in the strong sunlight environment better protect your eyes. 1 sunglasses factory. 61 myopia polarized sun glasses is clear anti-radiation tan, polarized lens: the polarized lens is a layer of material, usually by the seven layers combination, the outermost is wear two layers, the second and the sixth layer is to prevent the perimeter, the third and fifth layer is filtering harmful rays, the middle layer is polarized layer. Popular, the working principle of polarized lens is put after polarization light, allow only one direction of light passing through ( Visible light) To prevent the emergence of glare. Eliminate eye fatigue, making it more clearly, three-dimensional object. Was the above characteristic of military polarized sunglasses, want to know more details, please go to the glasses sunglasses factory network query.
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