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Ming xi Salvatore Ferragamo completely new series of glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
This year an d close with Chinese style shows used together on the four Chinese supermodel, one of the four beautiful Ming xi is the fourth time on d of theatre, playful smile on her face made her emerge from a the supermodel. Ghost horse spirit always can easily hold big, see her suit between Oriental aesthetic feeling and exclusive naturally and lovely. Remove the much-anticipated aura, Ming xi is a delicate girl. Her effusive, her gentle smiling and Salvatore Ferragamo new series of glasses only beautiful complement each other. Charming is spruce iraqis from elder brother, he square turn the stunning glance of classic Gancino grace, or like the girl next door in pettish of warm. No matter what she can to have that a clever and continue, perfect deduce Salvatore Ferragamo series of classic and romantic feelings. Salvatore Ferragamo new series of the feelings restoring ancient ways with delicate luxury vividly the brow, appreciate this a sympathised with the shape of the Italian trip. Ming xi wearing Salvatore Ferragamo SF156S SF156S glasses glasses product figure SF156S glasses cixin using circular frame restoring ancient ways, concise design with unique tonal, the classic Gancino elements compose the picture frame on both sides, and the metal sheet and combination, deduce Signature series luxury temperament. Ming xi wearing Salvatore Ferragamo SF830S glasses SF830S product figure SF830S this cat's eye shape glasses using the line feeling extremely hollow out cutting the lenses, the framework of tie-in and different plate create tonal chic, fashionable feeling extremely. The design of metal bridge of the nose more overall modelling add glamour. Series with black, dark tortoise shell color with green, shallow tortoise shell color with red and blue with ivory white. This article from the glasses net completely, if you want to delete, please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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