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Minimalist type lens wear a full-on goddess

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Minimalism has been by the designers and the favour of people, concise air sunglasses, simple color easy to foil a powerful aura, both can be cool and can reveal the mature feminine flavour. Regardless of whether they are enduring collocation fastens with color, or hot this season wide-legged pants are might as well try, will be simple collocation wear a full-on goddess. Demonstration is tie-in, dressed in a black coat of parquet gauze, tie-in black midriff render unlined upper garment and black tights, stamped on the black high-heeled shoes, eye wear a pair of classic frog mirror, body send out the breath of elegant and sexy. Demonstration match: deep v-neck shirt out in a black dress, black and white collocation splicing small leather shoes, black sunglasses more red lip, modelling is clean, all show the forward aura. Demonstration match: wear colorful striped collar blouse, a word collocation cowboy nine points wide-legged trousers and color high-heeled sandals, hand carry with doll accessories brown bag, the ornament of colour just right, a pair of black frame sunglasses but also added a mature atmosphere. Demonstration match: cartoon T-shirt with dark blue loose burrs bull-puncher knickers is very classic, stamped on the black boots, his black briefcase, eyes, wear sunglasses multilateral cool feels dye-in-the-wood. Demonstration match: wearing a beige sleeveless shirts and wide-legged pants suit, stamped on the brown shoes, equipped with snake bag, atmospheric modeling simple, deserve to go up to a cat's eye sunglasses, full of elegant temperament, feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood. Demonstration match: a blue nation printed white robes, tie-in bright orange hat and black flat sandals, hand carry black stitching handbags, the adornment of the national wind profile of the atmosphere collocation, a pair of mirror sunglasses especially attractive, it looks very natural and unrestrained. Deep demonstration match: white collar shirt and black design feeling edge short skirt, stamped on the thick soles high heel boots, spell able and agile modelling, wearing a pair of classic added fun box small round sunglasses.
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