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Mitsubishi Chemical and Thailand's PTT jointly develop new decomposable plastic materials

by:Eugenia     2022-01-10
Recently, Japan’s Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings and Thailand’s National Petroleum Corporation PTT have jointly developed a new type of decomposable plastic material, combining two existing biodegradable plastics to form a new stronger material that can be decomposed when exposed to air and water. , And allows plastic straw manufacturers to use existing molds to produce environmentally friendly straws. At present, various countries in the world have adopted more or less measures to disposable plastic products. Many catering companies also impose many restrictions on disposable plastic straws in their daily business activities, and even use paper-based plastics. straw. In the beginning, everyone used paper straws. Later, because of the popularity of plastic straws, they were eliminated. Paper straws are not as strong as plastic straws in use. However, if plastic straws made of decomposable materials are popularized, it may be Provide some help for current environmental issues.
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