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Modern people fall is tie-in, handsome sunglasses concave shape

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Burning hot summer is over, the city boy boomer women are in a fall in response to this season. Want to know what modern people is how to use in this autumn dress concave shape? Then followed the glasses sunglasses factory small make up and see it. Locomotive black leather coat collocation points on the rivet denim overalls, combined with dark green bag big boy rivet, punk wind, while the frog mirror red cap under the classic plays a punchline, overall it looks cool. Nine points toward a simple but elegant gray pants with small pure and fresh and original cotton shirt, give a person a hint of summer in the fall of the light, refreshing, wine red waves combined with black sunglasses, charming and handsome thering is no lack of pure flavor. Leaves a brown coat with plain coloured nine minutes of pants, overall give a person a kind of feeling of autumn, and brown hair with coat, watches and other decorations collocation, give a person a kind of harmonious beauty. Black sunglasses, highlighting the facial contour, give a person a kind of dynamic image temperament.
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