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Modify artifact cat's eye sunglasses for what kind of people wear

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Originated in the 50 s of the cat's eye sunglasses, is each JiHong, upturned eyes revealed the charm and mystery, star hipster to fondle admiringly. Look at almost every star has a pair of cat's eye sunglasses, because compared with other common sunglasses for facial decoration effect, cat's eye sunglasses are artifacts, through their characteristic curve technique and appears more outstanding, as a subtle facial plastic surgery. The cat's eye sunglasses for what kind of people wear? Cat's eye sunglasses become warped on the corner of my eye, can increase the female charm, let a person has the feeling of restoring ancient ways, a round face and thin plate type awl face girl wears stereo feeling will be more strong, make the face look more compact, more effective. The cat's eye sunglasses shape, color is very much, each has its own characteristics, such as color elements such as borders, stereo set, mirror surface, let the cat's eye sunglasses change multiterminal, another classic tortoise shell grain, black box is the joker of daily dress design. But we must pay attention to choose to suit oneself when choose face size, shape, don't go for glasses or wear glasses and overall coordination of the opposite. Reading to look at the stars to teach you how to wear the cat's eye sunglasses.
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