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Modify the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
Many people have a 'new sunglasses uncomfortable; The bridge of the nose low sunglasses easily; Sunglasses to wear uncomfortable clip too tight headache 'worry, because each person's face and its width, ear height, zygomatic position, the bridge of the nose and facial feature location is different, and we asians the contours of the bone and westerners is totally different, bought a pair of sunglasses will not, of course, the magic is suitable for all people to wear. By this time sunglasses will need to adjust, how to adjust? Below us to solve the problems during different shades of different solutions are put forward. Problem a: sunglasses have been falling, the bridge of the nose to hold? Ordinary glasses is to adjust the nose, my nose with your fingers to the middle stretch. And sunglasses adjustment place more, first you can pad high nose, good to choose the kind of bazoo holds special silicone material, bazoo holds itself color height can choose the size, it is good to find the right. We also has been ignored but bazoo holds key is mirror legs, a lot of times, sunglasses can not wear has been falling with the bridge of the nose has less to do with its leg is very big. We buy sunglasses lens are design can bend straight legs. If the sunglasses can not wear may be because of its leg is too straight, can't have a good strong hook on the ear. So its leg how to adjust? First of all, we're going to use hair dryer blow hot, its leg in which the heat in, gently with the hand mirror legs bent, pull to the suitable Angle. If your mirror legs how snapping all or would, can also taste with the ear hooks, truth is the same, hook the ear. Problem two: nasal is too tight, the bridge of the nose is too narrow, the clamp with nose how to do? Ordinary glasses is my nose with your fingers to pull. Sunglasses also blow hot air blowing or under the hot water, such as heat can slowly after careful to throw. Question 3: on one side of the picture frame than the other side of the high or low? If the left picture frame is higher than the right, turn down the mirror on the left leg. If the left picture frame is lower than the right, turn to the right of the mirror legs down. Question 4: what sunglasses glasses can't adjust? There are very few sunglasses and glasses material is not suitable for yourself to do adjustment, these materials are: titanium, aluminum alloy, etc. , other we usually see available sunglasses are on the market can be adjusted. Sunglasses factory YC9703 woman sunglasses C3 black/dazzle colour blue question 5: every time after wearing sunglasses have down? This may is bazoo holds too heavy or too hard. Can adjust its leg, better ears in sunglasses, so before all the weight of the frame on the bridge of the nose can share some burden for ear. If it is dark glasses bazoo holds material is too hard will be red, can cover machine big silicone nose, let the bearing surface is not too hard. Question 6: sunglasses to have a headache how to do? Can use a hair dryer or after hot water heating, gently pull the mirror legs out slowly, pay attention to pull don't affect the picture frame, picture frame deformation, otherwise the lens to fall out. Master the method above, no matter what sunglasses appear problem, believe that you can deal with! Modify the sunglasses is very convenient, as long as you are careful careful, so easy!
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