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More screen blue goggles full attack

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
As the weather warmed, sunglasses become necessary out street. In addition to high pretend bility, wearing sunglasses important reason is that in order to prevent the purple! Outside! Line! Today, the harm of ultraviolet radiation aroused people's more and more attention, in addition to sunburn, skin cancer, the fragile eye more devastating. We all know that uv radiation is important, but you ignored are more powerful than ultraviolet harm - — Blue light! ! ! HEV( Shortwave blu-ray) Refers to the high-energy shortwave between 415 nm to 435 nm blue light. We often use the Led lights, mobile phones, computers and so on all have a high-energy shortwave blu-ray. 1 sunglasses factory. 56 blue blue computer mobile phone radiation shield lens how scary? Experts research shows that: using new LED light source, a normal person in a year the amount of increase by uv and blue light, equivalent to a holiday in the Mediterranean the amount of exposure in the sun for a week! Blue light in the work of our daily life is everywhere, not only can lead to visual fatigue, also can cause the retina macular degeneration, and even blindness. If young people generally increase 3 hours a day is exposed to blue light, so when they get old senile macular lesion of about 10 years or so, early time will increase chance of blindness 1 times! What glasses can fully protect against harmful rays? — — Many screen blue goggles! Thousands of new screen blue goggles can more comprehensive protection against harmful light, using UV + 420 cuttm technology, effective filter out the HEV (under 420 nm Shortwave blu-ray) And UV ( Uv) , provide more effective protection for the eyes! Test shows that more screen blue goggles can effectively block the UV and HEV, care for healthy eyes, comprehensive protection, more trustworthy. Spring sunshine dazzling, not only busy job also let people cannot leave computer, UV and HEV double attack, you need a more powerful protective glasses, thousands of new screen more blue goggles in public, let protection upgrade, escort for the eyes.
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