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Mosevic: old 'wash' sunglasses made of denim fabric

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Last year, a sustainable product design education background of Jack Spencer and Alex Boswell cooperation established the sunglasses brand Mosevic tannins. The characteristics of the brand is all the sun glasses frame is made of denim fabric, the fabric is cut scrap recycling second-hand jeans. The so-called 'with the jeans' is not posted a picture frame outer layer in denim, but the framework itself is made of denim. Production process is probably the denim fold together, denim thickness, layer number of the lowest three layers, up to 10 layers. Then the denim merging with resin, using the cowboy cloth and resin made from raw materials such as abrasive, and then use the computer to complete cutting, final reoccupy 'water to wash jeans' craft glass frame of the sun to a pair of a pair of 'sand wash out,' the rest of the grinding, polishing is pure manual completed. Because of the color, texture and shape of each pair of jeans is different, plus by Jack Spencer and Alex Boswell made by hand, so are unique. This is probably this pair of sunglasses interesting, quite so for some old material for the renovation on the material and shape processing. Look, these tannins sunglasses and t-shirts, sneakers, mix has the temperament of 'gas' street refinement. In fact, four years ago, Jack started to do the product research and development, Spencer and Alex Boswell wants to develop a new type of solid tannins material. After trying to do more than 1000 samples, they found the answer. In May 2015, the founders began the raise on Kickstarter. The raise of the page product introduction on Mosevic confidently reads: 'this is a new chapter in the history of tannins, this is since the birth of blue denim fabrics, the most exciting product'. Raise 1 months later, the Mosevic began in the sun glasses for 100 supporters. 'We are also looking for some old jeans fashion company, can use at the same time also get interested in global retailers selling Mosevic products. 'Jack said Spencer. At present, Mosevic launched Signature Denim, Worn, Vicunha special three series, a lens have classical saturn-bound Cassini contour design, outline the sides coarser Celsius style and also have the circular lenses Kepler styles to choose from. The three series of price in 109 - Between the 169 dollars. This article from the Chinese glasses net, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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