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Mr Wang Spring Festival bring daughter zhang ziyi movie company sunglasses covering surface

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
One is only five days, low cost, by the television version of the original equipment, equal to make a film version of the episode 'dad where to release on the first day box office broken 90 million yuan, refresh 2 d story on the first day box office record, as the Spring Festival big black horse. There is no doubt that movie theaters became popular during the Spring Festival. Some netizens weibo revealed that, on the first day, met Mr Wang in the cinema was wearing her daughter to see the film, zhang ziyi also peers, watch movies or very occasional 'where dad', and upload the picture. However, the net friend said assistant for zhang ziyi is present, he is quietly taking pictures, so the picture is not clear, attract many onlookers and discussion. Chapter in the picture, the international a pair of dark glasses hidest thou thy face, and side man clasped hands. Because the image resolution is not high, it is difficult to identify the man. But the netizens weibo with address for chaoyang district a mall cinema, previously reported online Mr Wang's house is located, is a store near the location of whether coincidence?
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