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Ms secretly tell how to choose sunglass

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
Sunglasses not only is a tool for girls to keep out sun, also add your fashion sense. There are many kinds of, the choice of sunglasses will choose sunglasses to match your temperament and wearing? Below small make up teach you how. Recommended reading: photo three necessary personality sunglasses sunglasses skills of choose and buy one: pick glasses lens is the soul of a pair of glasses, it is good or bad will directly affect the quality of the sunglasses. Common lenses have five classes, specific as follows: 1, reflective protective lens: the lens coated with a layer of magnesium chloride, resistance to strong light reflection, see things more clearly. When the choose and buy sunglasses can be aimed at source, such as purple and green, suggests that this lens has the reflective resistance. 2, color lenses: color lens is commonly used in sunglasses lens, in lens production, joined some chemicals, allow the lens to present a different color. 3, color lenses: the effect is the same as the color lenses, but its color and the color lens is different, it is not add chemicals in production, but the color on the surface of the lens. 4, polarized lens: in order to neutralize the sunlight reflection, join vertical to the special coating on the lens glasses, called polarized lens. Polarized lens sunglasses is best suited for outdoor sports. 5, color lenses: also called the photographic lenses. Add main lens silver halide, when this kind of lens with strong light, becomes the colored lenses, indoor and outdoor are suitable. The choose and buy sunglasses skills 2: choose picture frame from face to choose sunglass picture frame. Face wide consumer, should choose a big picture frame sunglasses. Face the narrow thin consumer, should choose picture frame fine some sunglasses; Round face consumer, should choose sunglasses frame line is coarser. The choose and buy sunglasses skills three: read labels and tags to see if the label marked with uv protection. Small tags also hides a lot of information, such as the producer of the product, materials used in the lens. The choose and buy sunglasses four skills: pick darker color of skin, choose the brighter sunglasses is better, what color skin white. Sunglasses in light grey, dark brown, light smoke for the best. The second is dark brown and black, red only suitable for use in the snow and the sun. You have learned? This summer is give yourself to choose a pair of beautiful eye sunglasses
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