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Ms sunglasses face collocation method

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Sunglasses not only is the good tool to block out the sun, is also one of the decorative supplies improve personal charm. Both men and women, like on the occasions when wearing a pair of suitable sunglasses to dress up yourself, especially the moderate sunlight always contains a large number of ultraviolet ray of the autumn, but also sunglasses selling season. So, what color sunglasses to choose good? As the trend of the eyebrow in the United States how to choose to suit oneself face sunglasses? What color sunglasses to choose? Trend of the eyebrow in the United States at the time of choosing sunglasses, the choice of color and style are equally important. The depth of the sunglasses according to colour can be divided into the dark sunglasses and two kinds of light color sunglasses. Dark sunglasses to block the strong sunlight damage to the eyes, at the same time can prevent the influence of glare on visual, right out of the United States eyebrow to wear in the summer, such as green, black, brown, purple, etc. ; On ultraviolet light color sunglasses are prefer to block, shallow to through a lot of visible light and color, and the ultraviolet ray, suitable for eyebrow in the United States are in the field of beautiful cool when you travel, such as light green, light gray, light purple, light pink, etc. Sunglasses and face how to match? Have a lot of beautiful eyebrow for not having a natural oval and unhappy, in fact, the face isn't what we can choose, but we can through some modified face to face more perfect sunglasses. Look small make up for everyone to analysis several face eyebrow in the United States how to modify face through the sunglasses. The word face: due to face high, need to streamline or round sunglasses to soften the face contour, increase the face length, in order to achieve aesthetic effect; Long: due to a longer face need to be worn by circular or dark silhouette sunglasses, to shorten the length of the face, facial width increase; Round face, a round face people can wear contour obviously sunglasses to increase the length of the face, make the face look more symmetrical; Oval face, oval face of the United States eyebrow when choosing sunglasses need to select the more wide than face frame, to keep the proportion of sunglasses to face; Nabla face: the face of the United States eyebrow can choose thin frame sunglasses, at the same time, the color of the sunglasses good choose light color, to make the face look more balance; Frame: the face of the United States eyebrow lucky, because any style of sunglasses can very good adornment its face, to boost its overall appeal. This is Ms. Sunglasses face collocation method of relevant information, if you want to learn more about ms methods of choosing sunglasses, please click on the online consultation we glasses sunglasses factory network customer service.
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