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Much of my pasha, strength the screen on the film and television variety show

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
In 2016, Prsr pasha has unconsciously put its fashion factor into the fashion, film, and even can be found in the variety show pasha style. Youth the fashionable breath that it's all here in the youth idol drama directed by guo 'is! Mr. Shang, pasha with many glasses item became the protagonists in the various fashion designs of dazzling bright spot. Girl from OuYangNaNa, appearance level male god cheney, whimsy male god Wang Duo queen, aura Vivian wu amah, make the characters fashion professional breath more thick, more show individual character characteristic. Both optical glasses and fashion sunglasses, likewise wonderful. Love of Prsr pasha as a domestic first large-scale star love reality TV show 'if love' glasses sponsor, bright eye glasses modelling let the audience left a deep impression, let the man god goddess for you deduce the pasha glasses fashion charm. Goddess is how to develop, pink pasha T60070 irregular frame glasses, transparent pink, light pink with a YingEr girl is dressed up, full of vigour yourself before male god to shape the vigor of youth. And xinbo fu wear cool feels dye-in-the-wood pilot glasses, handsome face and a pilot glasses hale feeling, let the man of god's charm is more outstanding. Star pasha glasses before remember that popular in the web celebrity of wet form glasses? In the stars reality TV show 'my new clothes', China's independent stylist C. J。 YAO xin wu and artists created by 'beauty and the beast' fashion series for inspiration. At the time of display, Prsr pasha x C. J。 YAO cooperation 'Bestie' glasses at the same time, also became the most bright eye series display in the collocation of sheet is tasted, unique design style of clothing is more fashionable breath. Pasha teach you how to wear fashion people Candy Li, become fashionable mentor, for love fashion but don't know how to wear girls taught her the collocation of defence, and in her fashion classics, cannot lack most is eye on that a pair of different styles - Prsr pasha glasses. Pasha want you to be the most beautiful national stylist jiangnan BoyNam, in the heart of the seduction, regardless of the level of appearance or fashion sense is very beautiful fashion guru 'south'. In jiangnan BoyNam involved in fashion collocation program 'beautiful woman', 'I want you to be the most beautiful and fashion & amp; Star of transboundary reality TV show 'my new clothes' are harvested in quite a few 'small pumpkin' to follow. I want you to be the most beautiful is by the popular media and guizhou satellite TV to create a large 10-year transform reality television. On the show, the southern stylist jiangnan will, according to a vital problem these boys and girls for them to make their Style fashion designs. And in the process of jiangnan collocation, pasha glasses often become a highlight of the hands of south-south collocation. In 20160502 issue of the program, for example, to give to all sportswear up a dancing girl took out her femininity, in addition to the bright orange jumpsuits and leisure Panama hat and jiangnan had on collocation to Prsr pasha J6659 glasses, irregular metal frames with modern colored mirror, make leisure vacation the wind breathed the breath of modern women. Or is the use of the most popular word shoulder elements, in combination with pink Prsr pasha B6779 stone printing plus powder blue girl, out of the girl's youth breath, rich in a single color. Or is another case of royal elder sister had too strong character and dress up, the boys in front of the royal elder sister. Jiang Nayong more feminine dress to feminine lead him out, deserve to go up clothes Prsr pasha B6782 simple but fashionable breath glasses in order to complete this unique body of urban society of the modelling of the wind. Pasha to 'couple' together with you a lot of people at the time of wear sweethearts outfit, often there will be many troubles collocation, but as it is easy to appear in soil, but according to individual be fond of of light, and can appear two people don't take, if the encounter with collocation all lovers, will be more shortage. What would happen to the sweethearts outfit is fashion and outstanding couples match? A little difficult, as long as the two pasha glasses can be brilliant match couple effect again! On October 1 of the 'beautiful woman' program broadcast, south-south demonstrated two different color for you personally Prsr pasha x BOYNAM glasses of cooperation, let the match couples have their own characteristics, and can find the same and matching element, the tide of couples dress up it's as simple as that. Combined with all kinds of creative photo pose, isn't it more abuse? Stars of the road to have started their pasha, haven't you started? To grasp! Prsr pasha, nowhere not style Prsr pasha, fashion glasses brand was founded in 2002. With keen fashion antennae, become a style of the interpreter. Prsr pasha, the facial contour blends Oriental characteristics and aesthetic temperament and interest, and derive the popular elements into the design, with superb technology, excellent quality, the aesthetic feeling of the fashion and unique style of self clever union, reveal a distinctive style charm for you. Pasha, nowhere not style.
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