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Multilayer polarized lenses make us fearless of the sun_Sunglasses Knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-19
Sunlight, also known as natural light, is a harmful light, which includes ultraviolet, infrared, blue light and so on. The principle of polarized lenses is to only allow light from a certain direction to penetrate the lenses, which can also be said to exclude and filter out some scattered rays of sunlight. Multi-layer polarized lenses make us not afraid of sunlight. We usually look at objects directly with the naked eye, especially when some sea surfaces, lake surfaces, snow, smooth ground, and bright windows, the reflected natural light makes the eyes feel stinging. After wearing sunglasses made of polarized lenses, the scattered light entering the eyes is greatly reduced, so that the objects and the environment can be seen more clearly, and the damage of sunlight to the eyes is reduced at the same time. Therefore, a good polarized lens is also a filter with a special effect. This filter lens is not a single material, but consists of multiple layers of different materials. Nowadays, the polarized lenses of sunglasses that pay more attention to quality are composed of at least seven layers of flakes, and the outer two layers, that is, the surface layer that we can touch, is a very hard protective layer, which has the effect of wear resistance and scratch resistance. When wearing or taking off glasses, bumps are inevitable. The second and sixth layers of polarized lenses, that is, the second layer near the outer surface, are explosion-proof and impact-resistant protective layers that strengthen the hardness of the lenses. With these two layers of reinforcement, you don't have to worry about the lens breaking even if you accidentally fall to the ground, step on it, or press it. In daily life, the light entering the eyes includes ultraviolet rays that are very harmful to the eyes, so the third and fifth layers have the function of filtering ultraviolet rays. The middle layer is the polarizing layer called PVA. The core layer is made according to the polarization principle of natural light. Its function is to make our eyes not dazzling when looking at strong light.
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