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'My best friend' through time and space sunglasses that is like

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
'My best friend's wedding' was released recently, the film tells the story of Gu Jia after a best friend Lin Ran announce their engagement, just discover oneself have fell in love with him, one thousand ways to make friends to give up his fiancee Mary's story. In addition to the wonderful movie plot is a big attraction, milan exotic amorous feelings is the bright spot in London! Starring through time and space suits in the movie, but in reality he wears dark glasses more handsome! Through time and space exposure of a set of new photo, whether on or hand popular logo Gentle Monster sunglasses, show a relaxed lazy thering is no lack of again abstruse eyes gentleman tone, style restoring ancient ways. 温柔的怪物, 跳爆竹02 ( Y) In the background of the metal feeling extremely, through time and space suit wear sunglasses, a grim-faced, cool, the men's charm. Is the so-called & quot; Handsome the leg soft & quot; And whether blood slot empty need first aid? Classical model of polarized sunglasses toad hipster driver mirror
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