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Myopia and sunglasses, who said a trade-off between both

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
For myopia, the most painful thing in the car, when you travel there is no way to change into a beautiful pair of sunglasses. Picked myopia glasses, can't see road, don't wear sunglasses, the sun is very troubling. Are both really is the existence of 'you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk'? Small make up secretly tell you, and these methods can make myopia friend wearing sunglasses! 1, contact lenses + sunglasses a lot of people should have thought of that way, contact lenses and sunglasses is a perfect fit, and can see objects, and can withstand sunshine, can also beautiful. It is important to note that not everyone is suitable for wearing contact lenses, a constrained condition after wearing also is more, especially in the summer, should pay attention to choose is not easy to dry, threw the day or contact lens is better. 2, myopia glasses + sunglass clip ( Matt) Sunglass clip is a lot of the Gospel of myopia, sunglass clip economical, use rise very convenient also, also won't take up too much storage space when not in use, the only drawback is probably the design of clamping piece is less, selective co. , LTD. Recommended reading: myopia patients how to use the sunglass clip? 3, color glasses color glasses is under the irradiation of appropriate wavelength light change the color, and remove the light source is to recover its original color of the material made of myopic lens, integrating advantages of myopia glasses and sunglasses, so to speak, a pair of glasses can solve all problems, but the color lenses luminosity range is limited, for when the lens is heavier, thicker color changing effect is poor. 4, polarized sunglasses according to the wearer's actual luminosity to customize a fashion beautiful sunglasses, fashion sunglasses appearance and function of myopic lens, a second fashionistas. Relatively speaking, this custom of myopia sunglasses is more expensive, but for fashionistas, it the best partner of travel activities. Myopia friend finally can also wear sunglasses, go and choose a pair of sunglasses, ideal go out play together!
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