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Myopia degree conversion, is the conversion between eye chart and myopia degree accurate? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-07
Vision charts are very common in checking vision. Many families have vision charts attached to check children's vision at any time. Because some people have myopia factors, they can also be reflected on the eye chart, so. Is the eye chart and myopia conversion accurate? Is the degree of myopia after the conversion of the eye chart necessarily the degree of the eye? Let's take a look at it together. First, the eye chart and the diopter are two different concepts, and there is no absolute connection between the two. In fact, the eye chart and the diopter are two different concepts. a degree of good or bad. Therefore, it can be said that the diopter obtained through the conversion of the eye chart is not necessarily correct, and what the diopter of the eye is and the amount of myopia can only be known by optometry. The eye chart is designed based on the principle of the cornea. The conversion between the value of the eye chart and the diopter is as follows. 1 diopter is defined as the light passing through the lens to form a focus at one meter behind the lens, which is represented by D, and f represents the focal length, The calculation formula is Du003d1/f. For example, the focal length of the lens is fu003d0.5, then the diopter of this lens is Du003d1/0.5, which is 2, which is 200 degrees. Second, after conversion, you can know the approximate diopter. After conversion, you can know the approximate diopter. Generally speaking, people with refractive errors will not have very good vision, especially those with high degrees. The naked eye vision is also better. Low. However, in addition to refractive errors, there are other factors that affect eye vision, such as ophthalmic diseases, visual function factors, and eye trauma. Therefore, the conversion of myopia by the eye chart can only determine the approximate vision condition, and if you want to know your vision clearly, you need to do related eye examinations, including optometry. For teenagers, vision is not static, and the refraction obtained by the test of the eye chart is not completely accurate, especially for teenagers with pseudo-myopia, use their eyes reasonably, do eye exercises, massage their eyes, and look far away. And so on, can alleviate the development of myopia.
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