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Myopia how to choose suits own sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
One, the clamping piece for wear myopia glasses at ordinary times, clamping piece is convenient and cost-effective solution, easy to use, to a clip on glasses, sometimes with a fold function, but clip itself may affect the line of sight (slightly A more awkward) , for the detail care about friends, can choose lighter clamping piece type suction a magnet. Convenient at the same time there will be some deficiencies, such as glasses on wear after a period of time will be stained with dust and dirt and stains, wipe the mirror twice as much, which one forget to wipe don't feel fully. In addition, in the environment of the difference in temperature big switch, two groups of lenses of fog is more trouble. 2 + sunglasses and contact lenses if you can adapt to wear contact lenses, then choose the polarized sunglasses style it will make a great range, from the convenience degree, this is a good combination. Three, myopia, the sun, if you don't adapt to wear contact lenses and more comfortable, more fashion, so the ultimate solution is directly with a pair of sunglasses with prescription sunglasses is myopia, of course with the lens must be polarizer, such ability for drive wear. Sunglasses factory 9803 myopia sunglasses it is important to note that the lens degree is higher, the edge of the lens can be jumped over thick, affect beautiful. Can choose a few frames that cover the lens, because most of the polarized lens refractive index is low, high degree if the lens is thick, so for the high number, from the aesthetic point of view, the choice of frame is quite important.
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