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Myopia how to choose sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
For the friends of myopia, the summer light driving, travel isn't particularly want to change their myopic lens, wearing a stylish sunglasses? But removed myopic lens, only wearing sunglasses was couldn't see anything in front of me! Is inseparable from the myopic lens, and want to wear sunglasses. How to have it both ways? Myopia how to wear sunglasses? The personage inside course of study shows the five kinds of solution: recommended reading: choose myopia glasses need to pay attention to? 1: contact lenses + sunglasses note: choose contact lenses should choose is not easy to dry, summer months behind type is preferred. Advantages: wearing contact lenses can be fashionable sunglasses that oneself like, optional collocation is simple and convenient. Disadvantages: not all people are suitable for wearing contact lenses, and wearing contact lenses will be more constrained. Appropriate crowd: myopia group used to wear contact lenses. 2: myopia glasses + sunglass clip ( Matt) Note: select the clip to the whole myopic lens cover. Advantages: economical and practical, easy to use. Don't put the clip in the car when receive a box, won't take up too much storage space. Weakness: the design of clamping piece selectivity is very small, and the wearer may not very match original myopia glasses. Appropriate crowd: don't care much about the outer beauty, occasionally need anti-glare myopia group. 3: myopia notice: set of mirror myopic lens set, namely, still have a pair of glasses and the glasses cast perfectly match sunglasses set piece, by sticking or magnet adsorption on the frame, take the set of mirror inside, is still a common myopia glasses. Advantages: cast with myopia glasses, style beautiful and easy, it's hard to see from a distance is two lenses. Disadvantages: the weight of a pair of glasses have two pairs of glasses, can cause a little bit of discomfort to the wearer. If choose material lighter for the lens material, prices are relatively high. Appropriate crowd: accept set of mirror style myopia group. 4: the color lenses note: under the appropriate wavelength of light irradiation to change its color, and remove the light source is to recover its original color of the material made of myopia glasses. Advantages: color with light free transform, a pair of glasses easily solve the problem. Disadvantages: color lenses luminosity range is limited, highly the number of lenses is heavier, thicker color changing effect is poor. Appropriate crowd: like wearing color glasses myopia group. 5: myopia polarized sunglasses to note: the best choice is according to the wearer's actual luminosity to customize a beautiful fashion sunglasses. The appearance of the fashion sunglasses with function of myopic lens, a second fashionistas. Advantages: fashion, beautiful drawback: to switch to. Use sunglasses in outdoor activities, to indoor with original glasses. Appropriate crowd: fashionistas, often take part in outdoor activities, or driving myopia group.
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