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Myopia how to wear sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
For consumers nearsightedness, summer should myopia wear glasses and sunglasses, this is a headache problem, how to have it both ways, don't kill two birds with one stone way? Myopia how to wear sunglasses? Below small make up the following solution 1 is given. Contact lenses + fashion sunglasses sunglasses factory ms YC9702 sunglasses is the most simple supplement. Contact lenses can meet the needs of myopic vision correction, the function of sunglasses is to prevent strong uv radiation. Love eye eye, along with all the complete. If you do not have the habit of have my contact lenses, you can refer to the following method. 2. Clip frames + sunglasses sunglasses factory 8001 clip this to both men and women used to wear glasses, is a good try. You can buy a sunglass clip, in the framework of your glasses, increase the sunglass clip, can well meet your needs. Compared with the ordinary myopia sunglasses with a single function, this chip myopia sunglasses just need to clip to turn on the can in myopia sunglasses and ordinary myopia glasses when switching the two states. The clamp plate sunglasses while convenient to use. 3. Myopia sunglasses sunglasses factory 1. 56 dye colour film dazzle colour blue sunglasses myopic lens for the above two methods are not satisfied with the user, you can choose the myopia glasses. This kind of lens can be customized, with free surface digital customization system, minimize the prism effect two the horizon deformation and wear uncomfortable phenomenon, according to the prescription and frame, such as multiple data quantitatively, displacement, optimization design, different degree of the lens effect is also different, so according to the requirements of such to the sun glasses, more suitable for you wear requirements. Above is what myopia wear sunglasses three methods, you can according to own actual situation, choose to suit their own methods.
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