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Myopia lens brand ranking_lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-04
For myopia glasses, spectacle lenses are one of its most important parts, which directly affect the sales volume and profitability of this pair of myopia glasses. However, a good myopia lens requires not only high-quality materials, but also advanced technology. In this way, consumers who wear glasses can not only have clear vision, but also can fully protect the health of their eyes and vision. What kind of spectacle lens is good? Let's take a look at the ranking of myopia lens brands. With the rapid development of the glasses industry, there are more and more types of myopia glasses, and the brands of myopia lenses are gradually increasing. So far, the materials of lenses have generally been glass, resin, and PC. Compared with glass lenses and resin lenses, PC lenses are the best quality materials, but they are expensive. Let me introduce to you the current domestic brands of myopia lenses that have relatively good sales volume. <1> Essilor Lens: Founded in Paris, France in 1849, it is currently one of the world's largest optometry companies. There are four major brands: Wanlilu Progressive Lenses, Essilor Universe Lenses, Diamond Multilayer Coated Lenses, and Full Vision Color Lenses. <2> Zeiss lens: Founded in Germany in 1846, it is one of the top ten lens brands recognized globally. Known worldwide for its high-tech technology and excellent quality, the brand quality is impeccable, but the price is expensive, most of which are limited to the upper-class and successful people. <3>. OULE spectacle lenses: The brand has only two years of industry history, but it has been determined and supported by many consumers and professionals from all over the world. With several lens products of comfortable, anti-fatigue, and strong protection, not only can they provide you with safety solutions in your life, but also can block all kinds of strong harmful light, allowing you to experience the highest and clearest visual experience. <4>. TAG Heuer lenses: TAG Heuer has top-notch progressive lens design technology, which is extremely resistant to cracking, which is more than 3 times the tensile strength of ordinary lenses. It prevents ultraviolet rays and effectively reduces cataracts, keratitis, eye wrinkles, and spots. produce. <5>. Connet lens: Connet is one of the domestic manufacturers of resin lenses with the most complete products, and has passed the ISO 2001 international quality management system certification. The product quality complies with national standards GB, EU CE, US FDA and other certification standards; lenses can effectively correct refractive errors, reduce light reflection, and protect the health and safety of the eyes. Ranking of myopia lens brands? When buying myopia lenses, the quality of the lenses is mainly judged from the light transmittance of the lens, because the light transmittance can directly affect the clarity of the field of view. Finally, I will tell you that when buying branded myopia lenses, it is best to buy them at a regular optical shop, so that the quality of the lenses can be guaranteed.
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