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Myopia patients how to use the sunglass clip?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Myopia patients how to use the sunglass clip? Sunglass clip is designed for myopia crowd polarized sunglasses, effectively prevent dazzle light, uv protection. Especially suitable for driving, outdoors, fishing and other outdoor sports. The polarized lens technology, regard as resolving power boost. Recommended reading: how does a sunglass clip used for? Sunglasses factory, 8001 men and women general clip below small make up on the way of using the clamping piece step 1: to hold the spring clip button, open clamp. 2: picked spring clip on glasses mediant clamp down on the nose. 3: have the clip clamp glasses, adjust the position. The above is the use of the clamping piece steps is very simple, clamping piece can choose according to their own wear glasses style.
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