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Myopia summer really no sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Summer, go out good big of the sun oh, I can't keep my eyes open the tan, good tired, really tired. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 I envy those who were not myopic friends, they are free to choose their own sunglasses, can let an eye to enjoy a cool in sorching summer, relax and clap beauty, show friends, is a wonderful thing. Really admiring! Recommended reading: outdoor use contact lenses guidelines but oneself is a myopia! Sunglasses with no actually otherwise, I can wear a fashionable sunglasses, and to remove myopic lens, however, is short-sighted people dream of things, but for friends have myopia, summer outdoor activities such as driving, traveling. Myopia can also wear sunglasses, but according to the actual situation to choose the most suitable solution. Recommended several kinds of schemes for your choice. Plan a contact lens + sunglasses advantages: world becomes bright, after wearing contact lenses can choose their favorite sunglasses at will. Disadvantages: have trachoma, dry eyes, with contact lenses contraindications, does not fit, contact lenses need to take every day, afraid of the trouble doesn't fit, wearing contact lenses have strict requirements on health, don't speak hygiene not suitable for, can't grasp independently wearing operation method is not suitable for the people. Advice: if you can wear contact lenses, but the sunglasses and use less, suggest that choose to wear the contact lenses with short time, such as month, quarter, half a year, this is both economical and practical, and health. Scheme ii myopia glasses + hanging clip is to clip with the sun glasses hung on his own myopia glasses, shading effect. Advantages: meet with insufficient light environment, can remove the clip or over at any time, and read and not affected. Disadvantages: 1 clip in the middle of the clip is very big, affect the whole beautiful, 2 and clamping piece style and form is limited, can match to your glasses can be difficult to find the size of the clip. After 3 to remove hard keeping easily lost. 4 if not match, the stability is bad, easy to tilt. Plan 3 ( Recommended) Frame + color lenses as you all know, the sun glasses lens color is fixed, impossible under the condition of sunlight intensity at the same time to undertake the same shade to protect the objective effect, different light need different color of the lens. When the sun is big, need darker lens can better play a sunshade, sun is weak, the light color of the lens is needed to ensure that vision is not affected. So scientists invented the 'color changing lens'. Discoloration is everybody's most familiar lens, lens use were also more, discoloration lens has changed, membrane, each have each characteristic, on the market at present all use, effect is good, color lenses can change with the strength of the ultraviolet lens color depth. It will change color in the sun, entered the room and the lens will become close to colorless. Advantage: the shape of the frame size without strict requirements, people of different ages are suitable for, Except students) 。 Can wear all the year round, day and night is not affected by light. One hundred percent uv protection is to protect the vision of the ideal lenses, long-term business trips, and by the people who work outdoors is suitable for a long time. Informed glasses is recommended to use bright moon, Lao Yang sig of color film, color fast, color depth, back color fast, stable performance and long service life, good reputation, price populist, hundreds of millions of customers to use. Disadvantages: students are not fit, because students eyes in puberty, are not suitable for the colored lenses. Lens to add the color-changing factor of silver halide, lenses is thicker than the ordinary lens, if the degree is high, can choose a higher refractive index of the lens, the price is a little high. Solution 4: ( Recommended) With a pair of has the function of myopia have sunglasses glasses, epoxy resin, commonly known as myopia sunglasses. Color can be deep to shallow, can block the lens to make a color, also can be made under the deep shallow gradients, light color close is not affected. Gray, brown, green, red, purple. 。 。 。 。 。 Can do a few kinds of color, liberally. The real personalization. Can also be customized beautiful, more fashionable. More suitable for young people in the pursuit of cool. 吗? 吗?
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