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Myopia sunglasses how to choose

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
For consumers nearsightedness, summer should myopia wear glasses and sunglasses, this is a headache problem, how to have it both ways? How to choose the myopia sunglasses? Myopia sunglasses also called myopia sunglasses/sun glasses/polarized sunglasses. Many people travel will choose to wear a sunglasses, shade and dress collocation style kill two birds with one stone. Sunglasses factory below small make up recommendations myopia sunglasses of choice: 1, can be in the original myopia glasses outside glasses clip ( Matt) 。 Selective is small, but the design of clamping piece and the wearer of the original myopia glasses may not be very match, generally men choose clip or insert, when using, put go up, take off when not in use, convenient and quick, and clip and insert the price cheap, can have a variety of choices. Sunglasses clip/insert 2, can match a set of mirror, namely, still have a pair of glasses and the glasses cast perfectly match sunglasses set piece, by sticking or magnet adsorption on the frame, take the set of mirror inside, is still a common myopia glasses. But the weight of a pair of glasses have two pairs of glasses, can cause a little bit of discomfort to the wearer. Sunglasses factory belt clip 3 sets of mirror, you can use the color lenses, a dual lens, high cost performance. But due to the limited but color lenses luminosity range, high number of lenses when heavier, thicker than general five or six degrees color lenses on the number of highly not recommended! Color lenses is 4, can also according to the wearer's actual luminosity, use the color of the dye resin lens wearer be fond of, make myopia glasses, use sunglasses in outdoor activities, to indoor with original glasses, inconvenience is varied. Myopia glasses lens must be resin piece, but use what the refractive index of the resin depends on the wearer's luminosity. Myopia glasses frame can be light distribution frame, can also be a sunglasses. But whether should consider when choosing sunglasses sunglasses frame is suitable for replacing lenses ( If there is no screw metal frame) 。 But it is worth mentioning that myopia sunglasses may be a slightly higher price, is in commonly 300 yuan. Take prescription sunglasses to choose a pair of suitable sunglasses out of the door, can not only prevent ultraviolet damage to the eyes, also can achieve the result of tie-in dress decorate oh, go out in summer, sunglasses.
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