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Myopia sunglasses what types

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Much the sun may cause cataracts and other eye diseases, but it's hard to wear myopia glasses myopia friends wearing sunglasses. Sorching summer, myopic friends is also very want to have a pair of belong to his sunglasses? With the development of science and technology, the manufacturer is more and more attention to develop differentiated products, so there are many varieties of myopia sunglasses to choose from. Myopia sunglasses are mainly divided into the following kinds: sunglasses factory YC9702 C3 black/ms sunglasses lens dazzle colour blue sunglasses mirror sunglasses mirror is a kind of form a complete set of design of sunglasses, namely in myopia glasses combined with a pair of custom-made sunglasses. This means that myopia glasses can be used alone, can wear all the year round. And enter the room such as the light is not strong, you can easily take off sunglasses, avoid to produce visual fatigue. But this kind of style of myopia sunglasses set of mirror is limited, less choice. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3532 men 001/68 gold myopic sunglass clip clip sunglasses lenses made into thin slices, sandwiched between myopia glasses, in order to realize the function of sunglasses. Such collocation is cheap, and wear, harvesting is more convenient. However sunglass clip for myopia glasses frame size, frame has a requirement, because not custom, unavoidably have not form a complete set of circumstances, affect beautiful. In addition, the small clip clip joint increasing the weight of the glasses, and is easy to damage; Optional color, lens shapes are limited. Ray-ban sunglasses RB8056 men 175/6 q hawksbill myopia sun lenses will myopia glasses lens together with the sun, corresponding to the sunglasses and myopic degree. Choose room is big, and more beautiful. Currently, the main myopia sun glasses is divided into three kinds, 1, 2, polarized sun glasses myopia dyeing myopia the sun lens 3, discoloration myopia glasses. In addition to this, we can wear contact lenses to wear sunglasses, but more trouble and summer heat is easy to cause inflammation of the cornea. If can't wear contact lenses, and have a high request for the design of sunglasses, you can do myopia after surgery, matching sunglasses again. Small make up remind myopia patients: choose sunglasses is a degree to be accurate, the second is to make the quality pass. Advice to professional optician or institutions for the optometry glasses, do not buy a casually, so as not to hurt the eyes.
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