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National goddess gao loves sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
On June 5 in the afternoon, and zhao katyn, gao wed in a civil ceremony in Beijing, officially upgraded to a husband and wife. The 'goddess' with 'gods' perfect combination, is definitely a lot of people admire, from the two previous fuchangfusui close to recent Paris modelling photos, sun happiness at the same time, is 'the goddess' the gao's fashionable grade up higher. Gao the goddess of national success for national daughter-in-law to qualify. She has a certain understanding for fashion, let her in front of the camera every time is so bright, so good. In fact, the scan of gao's classic styling, we are not difficult to find, in fact, the goddess of love sunglasses, here small make up take you review the sunglasses LOOK together! Fashion trench coat plus fashion sunglasses, a cool classic nude coat collocation fashion sunglasses, youth, sunshine, sexy strapless dress and a pair of sunglasses, not only shows her good figure, much a few minutes handsome we also is not hard to find, take sexy course the goddess whether or small pure and fresh and route, with sunglasses, the harness dress very comfortable, is a lot of girls object to learn! Pictures from the Internet if you want to delete please contact
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