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Native Sons release the new glasses series Engineering such as flat lens

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Takeaway: Native Sons has officially released a new series on 'Engineering' glasses. The series of contains three glasses, Clyde, Nelson and Kowalski. Native Sons Engineering Clyde by popular NEIGHBORHOOD street brand founder Long ze extended interface, with the former design director Tommy DITA glasses O 'Gara Native Sons of sunglasses brand, has formally issued a new 'Engineering' glasses series. The series that includes three glasses, Clyde, Nelson and Kowalski, design both from the lab, library, research centers, factories and inspiration, garage and all made by hand in Japan, coupled with the titanium alloy material of the nose, every detail reflects the heart of the brand. At present, the series has can be purchased through Haven, each have two optional flat light and sunglasses. Native Sons Engineering NelsonNative Sons Engineering Kowalski
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