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NATIVE SONS reported a series of new sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
NATIVE SONS reported a series of new sunglasses, NATIVE SONS is famous glasses brand from Japan. The brand is mainly designed by the famous glasses brand DITA former governor Tommy Ogara and Long ze stretch between founded in 2012, and with its own military style, in the communications between harajuku, such as shawn yue trend also often wear use, even with personal fashion brand MADNESS united by series, the growing popularity of Ryder series glasses once more out of stock. NATIVE SONS is a brand new glasses, it represents a collection of original and glasses series of the highest quality. Brand glasses are all from Japan in fukui prefecture's famous glasses have workshops on the LIGHT. Besides in the handmade, plastic glasses of product also are all made of high quality Cellulose from Japan -based Acetates ( Cellulose acid vinyl ester) Plate, copper wire with diamond stone design and arrow hinge design manufacture, and use the traditional star to tighten nut structure hinge; Using high quality titanium metal frame is used make to improve texture, and matches by manual polishing. Design, more joint Asian face frame seems to be tailored specifically to the Asian market, at the same time, ensure the wearing comfort is better modify the shape of the face. Full of brand trademark design and to detail excellence spirit, let the NATIVE SONS since the advent of response by the fashion circle. At the same time, they also designed a new concept of home and a wonderful industrial machinery, mixture of art and the avant-garde design, create a light and practical products, so that we use in our daily life. Again for us this season, NATIVE SONS brought the new series of Ryder sunglasses, the brand-new Ryder series sunglasses including 16 k mercury gold, ancient silver light tan, etc. Keep consistent flavor of military production, cooperate with metal polishing plating processing, the meticulous handiwork is impeccable. Interested friends can now in the Visual Culture.
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