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New changes in living habits! Glasses that can be worn in the bath!_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-30
For glasses made of plastic or metal as the main raw material, bathing, sauna and hot spring are all untouchable enemies. Not only the fog of hot water will cover the lens to block the sight, but also the metal will expand and contract or rust when it encounters water vapor, and the plastic material will easily deform when it encounters high temperature. Japan's large-scale eyewear chain 'Love Eyes' has launched 'FORゆ' glasses that can be worn in the shower. 'ゆ' means hot water and bath water in Japanese, and the pronunciation is similar to 'you' in English, so the name 'FOR ゆ' for the new glasses that can be worn in the bath has a pun. People who usually need to wear glasses to see things clearly must be troubled by the inconvenience of not being able to wear glasses when taking a shower. In other fields, waterproof mobile phones, waterproof e-book readers, waterproof TV sets, etc. have been launched for a long time, but because they cannot see clearly without wearing eyes, they can only give up the happy time of taking a bath. In particular, I finally took a trip abroad, soaked in an open-air hot spring, and wanted to see the surrounding scenery and feel the exotic atmosphere, but because I couldn't wear glasses, I could only let my imagination go. Not being able to see the beautiful scenery is a small matter. When you go to an unfamiliar place, you may not be able to see the surrounding environment and you may accidentally encounter danger. With this anti-hot water mist glasses, things have been abandoned, but now it has become a reality. Because of the specially treated lenses, the vision can be kept clear whether it is hot water or humid moisture. The whole pair of glasses does not use any metal, and the frames and lenses are made of polycarbonate as the raw material. It can withstand a high temperature of 130 ° C and will not deform. And it's very elastic and at the same time very light. The price is only 1310 yen, or about 80 yuan.
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