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New high-tech glasses to see

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
There is no doubt that the glasses have become one of the essential items in our daily life, myopic friends can use it to see distant scenery, afraid of the sun can wear sunglasses, want to let the makeup look more beautiful and you can wear a pair of lenses, in short, glasses in our life plays a very important role. And in today's high-tech society, glasses also endowed with distinctive features, we together and see it! Sagawa fujii plank + alloy 81233 tortoiseshell C221 tide model of neutral myopia frame American invent high-tech glasses radio glasses: unique design, the above with tiny radio, people put on the sunglasses, just put the earplugs with micro cells inserted into the socket on the frame, to turn a small knob, you can listen to the radio. Night reading glasses, use rise very convenient, popular. The glasses in glasses in a tiny battery interlining, Angle on the eyebrow is equipped with mini bulbs, as long as the wearer switch activates, reading the newspaper. For color blindness patients using a new type of glasses: its effect is very good, design unique, on the lens of glasses is equipped with three special filter, color blindness patients after wearing the glasses, to restore color, distinguish all sorts of color. Blood pressure effect of glasses: its appearance as sunglasses, two pieces of glasses with a white square in the wireframe. On patients with high blood pressure, it can appear eyes flashing the phantom, make electrical activity slows, emotions tend to be relaxation, which can be used to lower blood pressure. Japanese high-tech glasses of Japan will can deteriorate in a kind of glasses are on the market, caused a sensation. On weekdays when not in use, the glasses quality of a material is hard, but after wearing, due to the influence of the temperature of the human body, the glasses can become soft, so as to make people feel very comfortable to wear glasses. Japan's mitsubishi electric company technical staff developed a refreshing glasses, a driver body 'sleepy'. It's extremely sensitive to small sensors mounted on the frame, on the driver's eyelids with two thin pieces of metal. Because people will extend when sleepy blinking intervals, eyelid waveform changes, therefore, the micro sensor information can be obtained from sheet metal. Micro sensor information can make the alarm signal, the driver to wake, which prevents drowsiness, avoid the happening of the accident. Sagawa fujii wood plank + 7425 dc28 hawksbill tide restoring ancient ways men and women general myopia frame France's high-tech glasses France developed long lenses can look back, it is on the edge of the frame is equipped with a small clamp, with a small prism, so you can see behind. For people to walk at night to provide convenient, France made a night-vision glasses. It consists of electronic components, micro battery and filter, outside the line of light objects can be converted into visible light. Other high-tech glasses, British researchers have invented a new type of intelligent glasses in the picture frame is equipped with a micro computer, can automatically adjust the degree of the lens. If wear glasses eyesight change, you don't have to change the lens again. Russia's development of a new type of glasses can be used to take photos, put on the market is quite popular with consumers. Lenses glasses with eyes like the photography, the camera installed in the middle of the bridge of the nose, the shutter is installed on the frame.
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