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New option - summer sunglasses The Danish crown royal LINDBERG

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
New LINDBERG sunglasses series, represents the very best! Because of glasses with color have exalted feeling also sends out a modern fashion temperament. Framework design and handmade, provides excellent quality and practical function into full play. Exquisite processing technology and the details of the innovation makes every vice LINDBERG unique luxury. Light glasses make equipped with high-quality high-tech PVD coating using titanium material, make the glasses more sturdy. LINDBERG is the season of the sun glasses are with Zeiss lenses, high quality frame with the quality of the lens, it is no wonder that the Danish royal family, Microsoft's chairman, Pope xvi etc. People love to wear LINDBERG, as a status symbol. LINDBERG (from Denmark Lindbergh) Pioneer, professional brand of designer frames, never had the experience better glasses wearing. Why LINDBERG is referred to as a high standard design brand glasses? Why is compared with other brand of glasses, LINDBERG international design awards is much? All LINDBERG frames is endowed with personality and provides the customers of different face shapes and ages 'frames' tailor-made opportunity. LINDBERG is uniquely customized system provides different shape, color, size, and the combination of the detail design to choose from. After the custom procedure is the customer's name engraved on the frame, each pair of frames and their serial number. LINDBERG inheritance has contracted the Nordic design style ( Lindbergh) Frame every pay is treasures. LINDBERG( Lindbergh) Is Danish high-end fashion design frame brand, with its unique product functionality and comfort and leading glasses industry. LINDBERG( Lindbergh) Primary purpose is for the general glasses wearer create a more relaxed and a better life. LINDBERG( Lindbergh) Frames can be large extent, on the basis of the wearer is specially the desires and needs. And made in large factories usually mass product is different - — The production of the frames in Denmark is a combination of truly exquisite handicraft technology, modern technology and imagination. LINDBERG( Lindbergh) Frame is one of the world's lightest frame, at the same time is also incredibly flexible and strong. In the design of light from the subtraction - — Such as screws, rivets disappear entirely. Perfect the details of the refining and innovation design is an international design world attention and concern. Because of this, over the years LINDBERG ( Lindbergh) Won such as iF, such as red dot a lot of negative reputation of the world's design award.
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