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New Poppy heart-shaped sunglasses perfect deduce Chloe fashion charm

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
Willfulness style fusion of color and lively design, become the new Chloe 'Poppy' series of main features. This series adopts the outline of fine gold wire frames before, to create a distinctive heart-shaped effect, contracted tortoiseshell surface after polishing process of meticulous, doubling the costly move glasses. How much is the recommended reading: Chloe sunglasses? How to identify? Chloe brand new Poppy heart-shaped glasses ( Image: Chloe) New style is composed of double lines, the lens of hollow out design build suspension effect, the casing outside the metal sheet draw an outline of the elegant and perfect. This series exquisite handicraft made by innovation, especially in Maison 's hinge and its leg at the end of the Chloe signature teardrop-shaped hollow out the most striking detail, also become the ornament of its unique and functional, to match glasses accessories. Recommended reading: three new sunglasses new series of design features a total of three colors, including gradient brown lens, pink gradient yellow lenses and gradient pink mirror lenses.
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