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New revolution of the sun glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Sorching summer, go out, sunglasses can block the sun, for you to reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet eyes shine, for fashionable sunglasses not only has the practical value of shade, or beautiful cool excellent accessories, manufacturing star quality, no matter you are wearing on his head, or hold it in hand, is will bring fashion sheet is tasted.

this year's sunglasses in both appearance design, material is qualitative breakthrough in the use of new materials are adequately, on the trend of people can consider upgrading your sunglasses.

sunglasses to coastal Hawaii is extraordinary, and fashion store show Kicks from Hawaii/Hi Portland Shwood glasses manufacturers hand in hand with real wood the sun glasses. Can say the planning ideas are, in order to highlight the original, native Hawaiian wood this specially used to build, Kicks logo/Hi elaborate on the picture frame, appear very delicate.

fashion designer Thom Browne glasses brand Dita design for California 2012 chun xia series glasses, this is one of the vice. Japanese handmade, architectural and mechanical structure of the inspiration comes from the middle of the 20th century, nostalgic smell of steampunk, circular box sunglasses have reminded you of the makeup of Lady Gaga in the Paparazzi, so shocking glasses?

JS creative estimates the madness of a powerful and unconstrained style has made countless people felt, so he introduced by X-ray RAY glasses and watch for inspiration, especially the design of the double dial is special and unique you ready by JS this X-ray radiation, darling take out wallet?

a model for MMJ 261 / s Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses success attracted our attention to environmental protection, the chocolate color design made by the derived from castor oil seed material, its leg with stereo leaf texture, and select the reuse of leather made fashionable outer packing. The aim is to provide full support for the nature conservancy. A brand new start of the & # 8220; Sow the seed of afforestation to save forest & # 8221; Project, will help the organization to protect the important mission of land and water. You love fashion and eco-friendly classmate, consider this pair of glasses.

the trend of people echocardiography action, hurriedly go to choose a!

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