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New Swatch the sun glasses to make everything is possible

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Summer day scorching sun, as uv protection essential modern sheet is tasted, 'investment' a good pair of sunglasses to consider both texture and practical, also want to pay attention to the modelling of fashionable feeling, there is. 。 。 。 。 Need to be able to handle a variety of different situations. New Swatch sunglasses let everything is possible, it's group together with Italian eyewear manufacturing experts, Swatch sunglasses not only from the design, construction to production is completed in Europe, wearing comfortable, durable, and adopted the sweat, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and resistance to wreck a high quality materials, and have excellent uv protection function, it is particularly worth a highlight of this paper lies in innovation and interesting design, can let you quickly between relaxed and optional create many individual character style, have leeway to each kind of life situation, confident and stylish! Ms sunglasses factory YC9702 sunglasses C3 black/lens dazzle colour blue swatch sunglasses, unique innovative removable type frame design, instantly Up your fashionable modelling capability! Provide classic round, avant-garde square and modern wing three kinds of shapes of pluggable mirror box, and there are 30 different design and color design ( Monochrome, double color, design) , again tie-in 7 different color of the mirror arm, are free to create as many as 210 kinds of modelling combination may! 【 Removable type frame structure 】 More sun and fun, there are. 。 。 我总是想要更多! How to use it on top of occasions different modelling? The Swatch for you in practical Swatch sunglasses and shape wear take tips! Gens going to work in the Friday Night time to work on Friday, just go home party outfit, Swatch sunglasses to help you quickly change the LOOK, just the same color lens arm off during the day wearing black and white case grain mirror box, put on fashionable fashionable airfoil box, on the head or to hang in the chest, red wave point design is bold and unrestrained, let you absolutely charm in the happy time! Girlfriends LOOK girlfriends weekend afternoon tea in the afternoon tea time, wear a lively round box before the mirror, both black and white wave point and fashionable color, always is permeated with a young girl of colourful vitality! More interestingly, still can separate with different shape and color of the mirror frame, and good friends in each. Outdoor sports as Hot! Running, play ball, ride a bike. 。 。 。 Is today the outdoor sports of Xia Chao ram! Girls pitched balls first, the classic round black mirror frame collocation fastens with color movement type leggings cool; Boys can wear fashionable individual character square in cap mirror frame, sports pants collocation fastens with color, can resist the ultraviolet ray and concave out LOOK fashion movement, movement occasions is modelling full marks! This article from the fashion China, such as the infringement to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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