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New WayfarerFleck ray-ban sunglasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
Have both classical and popular Ray - Ban( Ray-ban) Recently for its Wayfarer sunglasses new Fleck series. This series use a variety of colors to match the classic tortoise shell texture, with regular brown. Equipped with a pink, green, blue and gold chestnut brown: black framed mirror feet, will recall hawksbill fans want them! New WayfarerFleck ray-ban sunglasses series of new products at the same time absorb light and B - 15 polarized lens two lens can choose, retails for $215 ( About hk $1669) 。 Like Fleck series sunglasses friend might as well go to detailed look at website! Because only temporarily website is available. New WayfarerFleck ray-ban sunglasses series
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