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New York fashion week launched an official sun glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Spring/summer 2014 New York fashion week has entered the countdown stage, the Elle magazine web site reported on September 4, rob fresh by Portland Shwood glasses brand and Mercedes Benz, 梅塞德斯- Benz) Common design official sunglasses for fashion week, preheating, also let us feel the breath of the fashionable feeling feast in advance. For production of high quality wooden sunglasses vaunted Shwood to Mercedes s-class sedan were created based on wood panel, gold designer Eric higgs ( EricSinger) Obtain raw materials and design inspiration, simple sense immediately rise. Frame outside the other engraved with Mercedes logo, it is worth collecting. Officer with sunglasses will during New York fashion week was Lincoln Center for the performing arts of fashion darlings held in the hand, play. Don't show your body must not at, the heart has far, these a few sunglasses TheHouseofMercedes - belonging to the brand Benz series, the website is available, you can take this snack.
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