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NEWPORT, 2016 new sunglasses series appreciation

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
NEWPORT( Optimal platinum) Brand inspiration comes from a beautiful seaport town of Newport, Newport town rich contracted and full of artistic breath slow life style which is advocated by the brand without the burden of postmodern contracted design style. In addition to the art style NEWPORT glasses also is famous for its norm of science and technology, its new sunglasses 'trails' series with the inspiration of 'light' teach you easy concave of the street snap modelling of cool feels dye-in-the-wood, pretend bility UP UP immediately. With it, travel concave shape, is how to take meimei dalai! Let's to appreciate the NEWPORT 2016 new sunglasses! Series a: traveling the fashionable restore ancient ways of NEWPORT this series, main circular sunglasses, has strong flavour restoring ancient ways. Unlike traditional round sunglasses restoring ancient ways, however, NEWPORT designers take advantage of new material and technology, will be contracted and contemporary feeling restoring ancient ways, clever and easy light travel in space, random nifty light shed fashion, with lightsome body write a romantic neon light, create more lightsome modern round sunglasses. Series 2: powerful personality NEWPORT, this a series of halfback, irregular hexagon frames break traditional impression, full of sense of psychedelic geometric modelling, collide with eye-catching color with futuristic cool texture. In the eyes of the designer, the expression of the reflected light is a hardness, strength and toughness, it has strong spirit of exploration. Whether you collocation low-key dress or fashion, are absolutely holding breath for you, let the modelling progressive personality, strong eyes. Three series: light artistic classic fashion NEWPORT this series, main fashion enduring pilots, almost suitable for a round face, a square face, long face, round face, a long face all face, concave shape force roof. Designers as 'captain' roam the starry sky, explore the unknown, to find different colors of light, touch the light of different texture, in light with the light of crisscross, find the classic and the classic collisions, bring full of sci-fi pilot sunglasses.
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