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News│October 25th Domestic General Plastics Market Intelligence--Shenzhen pc Lens Wholesale

by:Eugenia     2022-01-05
Tour monomer market closing price on October 24 Product price point unit low price high price average price rise and fall is equivalent to RMB CIF price crude oil WTI futures USD/barrel 66.8266.8266.820.39 December 2018 contract crude oil Brent futures USD / Barrel 76.1776.1776.17-0.27 December 2018 contract naphtha FOB Singapore dollar / barrel 68.6168.6168.61-2.92-naphtha CFR Japanese dollar / ton 632.87632.87632.87-26.55241.7 Ethylene CFR Northeast Asia US dollar / ton 1069.51071. 51070.508848.74 Ethylene CFR Southeast Asia USD/ton 979.5981.5980.508038.526 Propylene FOB Korea USD/ton 1100112011100 - Benzene FOB Korea USD/ton 774775774.5-28 - Styrene CFR China USD/ton 121012301220-2510063.56 Styrene FOB Korea USD/ton Ton 117011901180-25-Futures Observation Wednesday (October 24) The Liansu 1901 contract opened at 9395 yuan, the highest was 9475 yuan, the lowest was 9385 yuan, and it closed at 9465 yuan, an increase of 20 yuan, an increase of 0.21%, and the volume reported 191,424 hands, the amount of open interest decreased by 7888 hands, reported to 281574 hands. The L1901 contract rebounded slightly, the trading volume increased slightly, and the open interest fell slightly, indicating that the long and short forces are temporarily balanced. Fundamentally, the decline in raw material prices and flat downstream demand suppressed prices, but the petrochemical operating rate dropped slightly, and the decline in social inventories supported prices. Technically, the current futures price is in the correction process after the sharp drop. In terms of operation, it is recommended that investors close their empty orders on dips and settle for safety. On Wednesday (October 24), the PP1901 contract opened at 9980 yuan, the highest was 10042 yuan, and the lowest was 10056 yuan. It closed at 10001 yuan, down 38 yuan, or 0.38%. Trading volume reported 318,560 hands, and open interest decreased by 5326 hands to 455,426 hands. PP1901 opened low and fluctuated, trading volume decreased slightly, and open interest also fell slightly. Fundamentally, low social inventories and low supply pressure will provide certain support to prices, but spot and propylene prices have loosened, downstream companies are not actively acquiring goods, and weak market transactions have suppressed prices. Technically, after continuous decline, the current 60-day line temporarily provides some support for it. Whether the market can rebound or not, we need to pay attention to the pressure from above. In terms of operation, it is recommended that investors close their empty orders on dips and settle for safety. On Wednesday (October 24), the 1901 continuous plastic PVC futures contract opened at 6425 yuan/ton, yesterday settled at 6450 yuan/ton, the latest 6450 yuan/ton, up 0 yuan/ton/0.00%, range 6405-6495 yuan/ton, holding positions 289528 hands, 172730 hands. Open interest continues to decline. Despite the planned overhaul of spot fundamentals, it still brings greater benefits to the spot market. The trend of spot stabilization is still facing greater challenges. In addition, under the influence of environmental protection and the advent of winter, the demand for small and medium-sized enterprises in the North has declined significantly. Although large companies have replenishment needs, their current inventory has limited support for the market. The focus of this cycle is still on the interval trend, which is expected to be 6300-6500 yuan/ton. Today’s prediction [PE] linear futures opened low and fluctuated, petrochemicals were mainly selling at price cuts. Terminal replenishment enthusiasm is not high, just need to purchase mainly. On the whole, the spot market has a poor trading atmosphere and traders are pessimistic. However, considering that the end of the month is approaching, petrochemical prices have changed little, and the market may be mainly stable. It is expected that today's PE market will be weak and the linear mainstream price will be 9500~10000 yuan/ton. [PP] The domestic PP market fell slightly yesterday, with a drop of 50-100 yuan/ton. Petrochemical prices have been lowered successively, and the cost support effect on the supply of goods has continued to weaken. Futures are running at a low level, and the market is bearish. Traders are actively shipping, and downstream factories mostly purchase on demand. It is expected that today's domestic PP market will continue to be weak, and prices are still expected to fall. The mainstream price of wire drawing is 10650-10750 yuan/ton. [PVC] Yesterday, the domestic PVC market traded sideways and futures fluctuated. The East China spot market focused on stable shipments, while the South China market price loosened about 50 yuan/ton. Although the downstream raw material inventory is not high, in the face of the weak PVC market, there is no intention to stock up, and the rigid demand purchase is maintained. It is expected that the domestic PVC market will continue its consolidation pattern today, and the price of calcium carbide in the East China market is expected to be around 6,600-6750 yuan/ton. [ABS] Recently, the weakness of the ABS market has continued, and low-price offers have appeared frequently. The mainstream market’s buying momentum has shrunk, and first-hand vendors have actively and flexibly moved in volume, but real buying is limited and spot transfers are difficult. The raw material market continues to decline, the financial market continues to be turbulent, and the short-term ABS market pressure remains unsolved. [PS] International oil prices rebounded within a narrow range overnight, but the styrene market was weak and there was no sign of stopping the decline. It is expected that today's PS market is guided by the decline in raw materials, and the industry players are still mainly bearish on the market outlook, and it is still possible for the holders to make further profits. However, with the support of the main petrochemical companies maintaining price stability, it is expected that the focus of market discussions today may not drop significantly. Shenzhen pc lens wholesale
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