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Nicholas tse fan bingbing Paris meet sunglasses with black box shows the tacit understanding

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
Recently, the 'Paris fashion week' has become the entertainment circle and fashion in a hot topic, whether li xiang bring daughter Wang Shiling, or diva faye wong to attend, have caused a and an uproar. Recently, some netizens uploaded Nicholas tse and fan bingbing, recorded in the streets of Paris show photos. The goddess of the fan bingbing shawls long hair in the photo with a large black glasses, with a side of wearing black sunglasses Nicholas tse and laughing, appear very tacit understanding. The photo once exposure, many netizens have forwarded and leave a message, like fan bingbing, and male god goddess tse 'aura' strong. In Paris fashion week debut diva faye wong lie in gun, also have a netizen to 'Nicholas tse in Paris to meet with the goddess is true, but I do not know whether also met another goddess. 。 。 You understand! ”。
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