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Nike launch far mobilization special limited edition Nike Wing sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
The importance of professional sunglasses for athletes is self-evident, sometimes even determine their success or failure of the key. Global major sporting goods maker Nike designed for track and field athletes to build a new sunglasses Nike Wing, Zeiss ( Zeiss) Also involved in this limited edition sunglass. Limited edition sunglasses breakthrough single lens and the nylon frame, appearance and swimming goggles, directly put on the head, not supported by our nose and ears. In order to ensure the stability of the largest and highest efficiency of aerodynamics, Nike abandoned the original hinge design, nor its leg and ear, only 26 grams of weight, athletes wear and does not even feel it. Nike Wing with non-slip, durable silicone band, to reduce the pressure caused by wearing glasses. Don't have to worry about athletes wear glasses will fall down, just put all the energy is concentrated in the game. Nike Wing initially at Sacramento state university has carried on the wind tunnel test, there is a problem, but the glasses test results are not satisfactory. Use) glasses too much material, cause the wearer back a sense of shock. Modified use more concise, more solid glasses belt, the bridge of the nose in using ventilation rubber minimize the lenses possible fog, pointed frames also reduce the air resistance, to help athletes achieve faster speed. In addition, the colored lenses can also help athletes stop the dazzling sunlight. Nike Wing pricing is as high as $1200, people daily wear sunglasses price more than 10 times. For those in order to obtain better performance, and is willing to burn on sports equipment for professional athletes, Nike Wing is their best choice. Now Nike Wing has been on sale in the website, ordinary users can also purchase.
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