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NIKE launch innovative VISION sunglasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
NIKE is a famous sports brand, its products are favored by activists like movement. Nearly promotes the innovation of the sunglasses series, but also in order to meet the needs of the athletes, better satisfy campaigners. Nike Vision focus on creating the multi-angle sight glasses, can better let athletes enjoy more widely and more comfortable Vision, in addition, Nike Vision continuously according to the needs of the athletes to improve sports glasses, improve the comfortableness of glasses and functionality, create a more superior performance is more suitable for the athletes need glasses. New series attaches great importance to every detail, with a vibrant colour, streamline appearance and innovation of science and technology, show the uniqueness of the brand, in order to implement the brand has always been praised for high quality reputation. Man training series Nike Skylon Ace XV R AF. New Skylon Ace XV R AF is one of the Nike sells sunglasses styles Skylon Ace, change a good version of frames to meet the needs of the athletes improve coverage, cover more eye week skin to provide more comprehensive protection. More choose Nike Max called Skylon Ace XV R AF lens technology, provide the wearer with a clearer and the visual experience almost zero distortion; And new style design also let your eye movements is wider, see more things around. And the bridge of the nose of the breathable soft glue will help the air circulation, reduce the lens atomization situation and fixed frame. Skylon Ace XV R AF interchangeable type design, the wearer can be arbitrary replacement lenses, to adapt to any light environment. And a big Swoosh outside mirror arm, and lens color inside of the rubber at the end of the arm NIKE logo reflect each other, extremely recognizable. In addition, the modified using pressure character design from the previous generation of lighter, more comfortable to wear. Series with a dumb black/blue/grey with a luminous blue mirror slice, dumb fluorescent green/black/grey with green mirror slice, dumb black/red/gray with red mirror slice and white/blue/grey with purple mirror slice. 耐克摩天Ace十五P房颤。 Choose series polarized lens can reduce glare and make things with bright colors, and greatly improve visual clarity and comfort. Coverage of the frame design combined with Nike Max called lens technology, can provide accurate view angles; Bridge of the nose of the breathable soft glue allows air to circulate, reduce the atomization of the lens. Mirror arm with big Swoosh, and mirror the end of the arm color rubber NIKE logo, add uniqueness for the sun glasses; Also reduce the weight of the frame design, pressure word than the previous generation of style, even if long time wearing also is very comfortable. Series with a dumb black/white/gray polarized lens. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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