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No glasses, how dare to claim to fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
In fashionable circle, which stars without a few pairs of glasses, have black rim of the eye glasses. Too lazy to make up with glasses; Wear glasses to literature; No glasses glasses, how dare to claim to fashion! Super wu uncle the stylish men have always been a frame glasses. See him this pair of dress up like don't like to drool ah ~ suit, efficient clean hair, plus a pair of black glasses box, fully display the heroic spirit of the fashion business van. Atmospheric poise, also revealed a mature man glamour fashionable breath. See has a strangers face Huang Bo again, although he seems fully insulated with fashion, but he was with a lovely pair of glasses, give oneself increment a lot of points, fashion in one fell swoop. Cecilia liu who had artistic breath, wearing red glasses not only highlights the artistic breath, added a bit of fashion. Song Yunhua wearing a leopard glasses were a teenager, both fashionable and sexy handsome! See our mei patriarch, wearing glasses, although less domineering cold ao, but much more fashion sense, from time to time also emit some of flavour. Whether very envy ah, don't need to envy, choose suits own glasses, you can also be transformed from a literary little pure and fresh and become a fashion. CK 5884 unisex eyeglass frame 214 hawksbill ferragamo SF2663 unisex eyeglass frame 604 red burberry B2193D man glass frame 3001 black pictures from Internet, if you want to delete please contact
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