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No uv protection sunglasses for your eyes?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
Whether it's summer or winter, many people choose to wear sunglasses all the year round sun, however, most people choose the sunglasses may focus on the beautiful, without attention to its quality, and even buy not prevent exterior function of sunglasses. No uv protection sunglasses for your eyes? Sunglasses in addition to the sun, beautiful, and an important indicator is the function of uv protection. Sunglasses are not currently on the market all have the function of uv, a pair of sunglasses that could satisfy the requirement of basic standards, as well as reduce the intensity of visible light can block ultraviolet (uv) of the part, guarantee sunglasses compared with not wearing sunglasses, eyes accept ultraviolet (uv) radiation did not increase. If the poor quality of the sunglasses, do not prevent ultraviolet ray, the eye injury will be larger than don't wear sunglasses, because wear sunglasses, can reduce into one eye light, which increase the wearer pupil. It is a very dangerous to people's eyes, so you need to choose to have the sun uv protection. The choose and buy sunglasses must first determine the choose and buy is for shading or for the purpose of clothing decorative. In addition to the sun, whether there is any uv protection requirements, such as the safety of the lenses properties have special requirements, only clear the purpose, combining the practical effects of the design and put on my face to buy a pair of appropriate sunglasses.
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